A Modern Approach To Jamb Agriculture

The farm-cities we are developing in the previous topic isn’t just for food production. Our goal is to make each farm a research center for a particular agricultural need and to control food production, storage, processing, distribution and control across the country.

The farm as well as the mini-city it’s built behind will have a storage center for preservation and storage of agro produce. This will help in ensuring food sufficiency all through the year.
A processing center will be built for food processing and then handed over for distribution.

Check the following links for appropriate information on each items. 

May I introduce a new digital agro funding process? The agro –voucher can be used for agro funding. It’s simple, you buy the voucher for a particular food class, let's say rice for, N1000. The voucher shows a planting date and harvest date, then shows estimated return on investment. Now, by the harvest date, an official return on investment amount will be announced for that voucher batch. So the voucher you bought for, N1000 is now worth N1400. Once the harvest date is due, you can go into any of our affiliate stores or online and buy rice for up to the new worth of the card.
So you can gift the card, sell it, trade it in for something else or just keep it as savings for the validity period, let’s say another 6 months.
This way we can raise enough funds to mechanize our farming and produce enough to maintain all year supply at fixed prices.

Each farm will be optimized to carter for a particular set of agro produce, they also help local farmers in funding, through the use of extension agents, machinery lease, mentoring, storage, sell, and even export of excess production. This way the local farmer does not sell at loss, get exploited by middle men or record crop failures as we carry out soil evaluations and other research before, during and after plating pro bono for them.